They lick rocks, reanimate spiders, etc.  :Who are the 2023 Ignobel Awards?

They lick rocks, reanimate spiders, etc. :Who are the 2023 Ignobel Awards?

The 2023 winners of the prestigious Nobel Prizes will be announced in a few days. To tide us over until then, here’s an overview of the brand new winners of the Ignobel Awards, which reward some of the most incredible work.

Each year, the Ignobel Prize rewards scientific work. “First make people laugh, then make them think”, The winners for 2023 have just been announced. Among them, researchers who were interested in people being able to speak backwards or others who looked at the scourge of boring teachers. Still others who have studied the impact of anchovy sexuality on our oceans. There was also discussion about chopsticks giving food a salty taste and the number of hairs in the noses of the dead: on average, about 120 in the left nostril and only 112 in the right nostril.

A dead spider and a smart toilet win the 2023 Ignobel Prize

One of the winners had already received the honor of Futura.

Necrobotics, or the eerie art of turning dead spiders into robots

A team from Rice University (United States) managed to activate the legs of a dead spider to create pincers. Necrobotics, they say. Or the art of using animal parts to make robot parts!

Another mention was made on Futura.

Fun technology: famous household paintings, toilets that recognize your butt and the return of K7 audio

Researchers at Stanford University (United States) have developed an intelligent toilet that is capable of analyzing our urine and feces. Also equipped with fingerprint sensor. Even though, as one might suspect, these are not fingerprints, but… anal prints!

Ignobel Award for Smiling and Thinking

To complete the list of people honored with the Ignobel Prize in 2023, let’s talk about these geologists who decided to re-learn how to lick rocks. It seems to recognize them. But these researchers also discovered that repeating a word over and over again can produce weird, weird, weird, weird, weird feelings. And finally, the team shows how passersby tend to look up if they see other people doing the same. enough to give us hope that the now famous « Don’t look up » On the contrary he can be turned into a savior ” Look up “ ,





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