This new aircraft of the US Air Force is going to become the terror of electronic warfare.

This new aircraft of the US Air Force is going to become the terror of electronic warfare.

Faster, more durable, lighter, here is the US Air Force’s brand new electronic attack aircraft.

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There is a cruel, destructive and noisy war and there is also a war that we neither hear nor see. Certainly there are cyber attacks, but there are also what we call electronic warfare. It is a war of waves, designed to divert enemy communications without disrupting them. To extend their coverage to over the battlefield or as close to it as possible, this is done with specialized aircraft that are unarmed, but still very powerful. These devices are filled with antennas, electronics, and algorithms. Their mission is to, among other things, block, jam, or disrupt enemy communications to disable air defenses. This is exactly the type of aircraft that the US has just acquired. AirAir Strength. The Army has just taken delivery of ten EC-37B Compass Call electronic attack warfare aircraft customized by BAE Systems and L3Harris Technologies.

advanced electronic weapons

This device replaces the aging EC-130H compass call that had been in service for over forty years. Originally, the EC-37B was based on the civil business jet Gulf StreamGulf Stream G550. It is 29 meters long and its wingspan is 28 meters. It is smaller than its predecessor, but also lighter and faster. It has a longer range and a higher maximum range thanks to its two Rolls-Royce BR710 C4-11 engines. As far as its electronic weapons are concerned, it is equipped with a brand new jamming equipment designed by BAE Systems. The fleet is expected to enter service in mid-2024 within 55I Electronic Combat Group (ecgecg) is located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona.





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