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What were the major cryptocurrencies at that time? 19 September 2023

bitcoin’in (B T c) What is the latest situation of the altcoin market which became active after testing 27 thousand 400 dollars?

With the rise it rose from $26,380 to $27,400. B T c, green altcoins. However, this surge followed by a drop to $26,650 shook some altcoin prices. Which coins emerged in the altcoin market, which saw rises as well as falls?

list of winners

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The list of fastest growing coins includes eCash (up 14.3 percent in the last 24 hours).check) reached the top. Chainlink (in second place with an increase of 8.28 percent)Add), Stax () is in third place with an increase of 6.76 percent.stx), in fourth place is GMX (, with an increase of 6.11 percentGMX) and finally stood at fifth position with an increase of 5.35 percent Toncoin (TON) integrated into Telegram Happened.

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list of losers

Topping the list of most fallen coins is Iota (which has come to the fore due to its volatility in recent times).garbage a) happened. MIOTA fell by 2.12 percent in the last 24 hours and became the top owner. Then producer (MSEK) Came. The price of MKR has declined by 1.31 percent in the last 24 hours. Kava is in third place with a decline of 0.91 percent (To move a horse around in a circle), in fourth place with a decline of 0.71 percent, followed by XDC Network (xdc) and finally kava (in fifth place with a decrease of 0.32 percent).leo) Happened.

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