Many companies in Italy care about the well-being of their employees, allocating significant amounts of money to them. only one good for a penny inside pay slip or how Other types of benefits, In fact, there are many people who propose year after year increasingly high corporate welfare And, in 2023, there was no exception.

In a year when our country experienced the highest inflation than any previous year and the cost of living hit the wallets of Italians, companies did not look away, on the contrary. And some of these are known for their “generosity”, with employees who may smile at an early-paid bonus.

Companies with the Richest Bonuses

Economic support at a time when inflation and rising energy and fuel prices have seriously affected purchasing power. This is mainly why many companies in Italy resort to lump sum bonuses in paychecks or generous welfare, pleasing employees who feel supported by the companies.

We are talking about companies such as Ferrari, Eni, Poste Italiane and Insta Sanpaolo, which will close the financial statements of 2023 with a turnover of several billion euros, which is also increasing due to the specific conditions of the reference markets, And those who are capable of doing so. , Think about the well-being of your workers.

But which companies have the highest bonuses? the first group is ferrariWhich offers the most prizes in Italy in 2023. Last year the Maranello company, which closed with record numbers and profits close to a billion, made 12,000 euros of prizes available for 2022. But now things have changed, with Cavallino looking to once again finish the year on a positive note, with his prize increased to 13,500 euros.

Among other things, it should be underlined that the specific collective labor agreement at Ferrari for the four-year period 2023-2026 provides for a wage increase of no more than 11% for workers, as well as a lump sum of 400 euros in two installments There is also a provision. And fuel voucher for 200 euros.

Too Annie Claims a significant lump sum bonus. The company has recently announced that in November it will pay its employees a total of 3,000 euros, which will be added to a series of other benefits as part of an extraordinary €85 million plan to support the group’s non-executive employees. Are. Like Ferrari, Eni also guarantees additional benefits such as food vouchers (increasing from 5 to 8 euros for smart workers), as well as a fuel or electric charging bonus of 200 euros.

Italian division of French banking group agricultural loan Instead, it stopped negotiations on a 2023 company bonus, which would guarantee the average employee 1,900 euros in 2024. But that’s not all, because for every employee who is the parent of one or more children aged 1 to 3 years, an annual contribution of 1,000 euros for each child is added to the welfare formula, which can be used for nursery expenses. This will be done to cover the expenses incurred. school fee. Parental leave for fathers has also increased to 28 days, up from the 10 days previously required by national law.

One-time bonus for employees

It is not just employees of the mentioned companies who are celebrating. In fact, moving forward Italian Post, the lump sum prize is 1,000 euros. The company specifies that this is a bonus that was agreed upon in August and paid in November. As already mentioned, its purpose is “to reduce inflation dynamics during the period of validity of this Agreement.”

Intesa SanpaoloHowever, it announced its intention to “pursue” the union platform’s requests for a new national contract for its workers. The agreement provides for the restoration of the full basis for calculating severance pay, an increase of about 200 euros for the average salary, which should reach 435 euros in 2024.

in the food sector ferreroThe company, which recently started hiring, has defined a bonus for the 2022-2023 financial year with a target amount of 2,450 euros. Lavazza For the current year there is a bonus with a value of up to 3,600 euros depending on the results achieved by the company in 2022. While new complementary treatment of barilla Over a three-year period this could reach €8,790 with the possibility of converting a portion of this into welfare.

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