Scientists have warned that the consequences of extreme weather events and air pollution on our health are very real, concluding a study highlighting the increased risks for people with a history of heart disease. The situation is going to get worse with time…

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Air pollution not only endangers the environment but also endangers human health. This is in any case the conclusion of the observations made by the scientists of the research center Intermountain Health And published in a press release (not yet peer-reviewed). To obtain such results, researchers looked at the health of communities living in mountain environments in Utah (United States).

They specifically studied two incidents related to pollution that threaten health. First: winter inversion, a condition that particularly affects mountainous regions, and where temperaturesAirAir Instead of decreasing with height, it increases. In other words, warm air remains trapped above a layer of cooler air near the ground. fine particles andozoneozone They are no longer dispersed as usual, but are trapped in these low and cold areas. Residents are then at greater risk of acute heart attack.

Short-term results for everyone?

in the subject SaisonSaison Wildfire, the outcomes are no better, as it increases the risk of hospitalization for patients with atrial fibrillation — a heart rhythm disorder characterized by irregular, fast heartbeats in the heart’s upper chambers. If the study finds its limitations in a particular geographic setting – in the United States, in the mountains – it still suggests that seasonal and geographic variations in air pollution levels and their effects on heart disease may extend to the general population. Is. A worrying prediction that should lead to more in-depth study of this issue.

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