Increase in interest rates and monetary policy strategy have also been affected. Investment preferences of Italians Those who were earlier oriented towards mutual funds and insurance products as an alternative to liquidity have re-oriented themselves towards old government bonds and the bond market, which today shows quite interesting returns. this is what comes to the foreAssorti’s latest quarterly reportConsortium of companies providing investment advisory services, currently led by Massimo Doris.

“The savings management of Italians facilitated by the Associated Network is still providing an adequate response in a complex context”, President Doris acknowledged, “The orientation of financial counseling is increasingly aligning with a holistic and integrated approach, where investments Planning and diversification of the portfolio represent decisive factors for the correct management of savings”.

assets in network management

Value at the end of the third quarter Total assets was equal to 746 billion of the euro, the R is shrinking slightlyInspection in June (-0.1%) But still increasingInspection at the end of 2022 (+6.7%),

overall assessment of financial instruments (wealth management and insurance/pension products) 631.1 billion The euro is up 9.3% and represents 84.6% of assets at the end of 2022.

share invested in the products of managed savings standing over 471.4 billion Euro, with an increase of 2.3% (63.2% of the portfolio), while the valuation of administered financial instruments increases to 159.7 billion Euro, with an increase of 37.3% (21.4% of assets). There liquid assets drops below 115 billion (-5.5% compared to December 2022), with a 15.4% impact on the portfolio.

Mutual funds do not shine

IL fund assets (OICR) certified 202.7 billion of euros, with a decrease of 1.5% on the previous quarter and an increase of 3.3% compared to the end of 2022, for an overall impact on the portfolio of 27.2%. IfOpen world of foreign law represent 24% of the portfolio with 178.7 billion euros while I Products under Italian law They are worth $21.1 billion (2.8% of the portfolio).

insurance area in chiaroscuro

IL insurance sector sees the masses falling on 175.4 billion Euro (-0.3%), portfolio impact reduced to 23.5%. Flexibility especially involves me life products traditional products (-7.3%) and only marginally multi-regional products (-0.8%), while unit growth From 3.5%. Pure social security products are also increasing (+7.9%) and reached 17 billion.

BTP people are back in power

As far as administered savings are concerned, in the first nine months of the year, driven by the volume of collections, wealth doubles invested in government bonds (+95.2%), now equivalent to 52.4 billion euros and with an impact of 7%. Other types of financial instruments are also increasing, especially due to greater risk appetite of savers. corporate bond (+34.3%) for a total of 27.4 billion euros and i equity securities (+10.1%) to a value of ₹50.5 billion.

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