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(on video) What are the causes of the tragic floods in Europe? The devastating floods that affected Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in July 2021…

The northern part of France is submerged in water after torrential rains for several days. And with further rain forecast in the region, the pace of improvement in the situation may be slow. The rivers came into spate. Residents were evacuated. And the fields were submerged. There is a possibility of a state of natural disaster being declared in dozens of cities.

To give a more accurate idea of ​​the extraordinary scale of these FloodsFloodsare photographs taken from the ground or from the ground airsairs,

Floods are monitored by satellites

But there are others, just as impressive, that have been recorded from space by satellites To revolve aroundTo revolve around,

The European Copernicus emergency management service, in particular, provides maps that make it possible to assess the extent of these floods.

In practice these cards are also usedemissionsemissions By alert and intervention and rescue services.

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