Through the 2024 Budget Law, some innovations related to the calculation of ISEE have been introduced. The most important, without a doubt, is formed By boycotting government bonds and certain savings financial products Up to a maximum of Rs 50,000: This measure aims to make ISEE calculations fair, so that households investing in these products are not penalised.

Furthermore, the rules for Calculation of VAT holders Who will decide to join the preventive agreement from next year. Among other innovations that will have a direct impact on ISEE calculations, we remember:

  • Inclusion of income from employed and self-employment activities not subject to stopped at source,
  • is updating static value,

But let’s analyze the news that will have a greater impact on ISEE calculations from next year.

ISEE and Preventive Pact

Certainly one of the most important innovations to be introduced next year concerns preventive agreement, This new relief, which will specifically relate to taxpayers with a VAT number, will also have a direct impact on the ISEE calculation.

For those who decide to join the preventive agreement, this will not happen A multiplier effect for the purposes of calculating ISEE, Those directly interested will have the possibility to agree in advance with the revenue agency the year’s income to pay taxes: the same concession will not apply to profits for which the amount of income is significant. To clarify the intention of the legislatorArticle 35 of the scheme of legislative decree regarding assessmentWhich was approved by the Council of Ministers on 3 November 2025, in which it is made clear that:

For the purposes of this Decree, when applicable provisions, for the capture of income requirements, for the recognition of entitlements or for the determination of any titled deductions, deductions or benefits, even of a non-tax nature Let us also mention that, in any case, the income is considered to be the actual and not the agreed income. Real income is also relevant for the purposes of the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE) referred to in Legislative Decree 31 March 1998, n. 10.

What does all this mean? In other words, for VAT holders who will be able to enter into a structure with creditors, the rules relating to the determination of income for purposes of taxation should be separated from the rules relating to access to concessions and benefits.

double track

to calculate ISEE 2024 – Same rules will be applicable for 2025 also – It is important to consider this actual income of the taxpayer,

What will all this mean for the benefits and bonuses you receive next year? In the event that the income, which appears to be the subject of settlement with creditors, is less than the actual income, no action will be taken To create multiplier effect on benefits payable, The taxpayer will legally be able to pay tax for an amount less than the actual income, but with respect to concessions and bonuses, the actual income will be taken into account.

However, in a situation where the income determined with the withholding agreement is more than the actual income, ISEE will be allowed to be calculated following the standard rules. Taking into account the income actually received during the year, And hence it will be possible to benefit from bonuses and concessions depending on the actual economic situation of that period.

The same logic applies to cutThe cut and all the rest tax breaks, In other words, the formal value of the structure with creditors will be exclusively in terms of the taxes that will have to be paid. In other cases normal rules will apply.

This is called boycott of government bonds.

Through the Budget Law of 2024, some benefits have been introduced for savers who invest government bonds, buy god btp In fact, it is possible to reduce ISEE.

Until now, this type of investment did not have a direct impact on the ISEE calculation: BTP, in fact, like any other amount present in the current account, is always considered within liquid assets. In calculating ISEE 2023, the average balance of all current accounts held in the name of individual members of the family unit was taken into account. Similarly, the nominal value of securities purchased was also found relevant (for 2023, 2021 was taken as reference). For ISEE purposes, in fact, both income and assets must be communicated.

This important innovation will start next year: Government bonds, so far Up to a maximum value of 50,000 euros Will not be taken into account. This means that for 2022, only the amount in the current account in 2022 will be taken into account, to which all other items constituting liquid assets will be added. Government bonds up to a maximum value of 50,000 euros will be removed from this list.

It is important to underline that the income and asset status of households is updated by law, Two years ago till 31st December, This means that the impact of BTP on ISEE may be less immediate than households expect. For example, anyone who wants to invest in these products today to hide part of their assets from ISEE calculations will only benefit from this innovation in 2025. However, for investments made in 2024, it will be necessary to wait until 2026.

Effects of the 2024 budget law

Without a doubt, the innovations introduced by the 2024 budget law will have a significant impact on many families and their prospects To access various bonuses and concessions,

The most important news, of course, concerns the exclusion of government bonds and certain financial products from the ISEE calculations.

But what will be the consequences of this decision? Exclusion from the calculation of investments made in BTP will result in redefinition of concessions and bonuses, enabling households that were previously excluded to access them.

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