Celestia (TIA), one of the new players in the crypto industry, surged more than 140 percent in the last three days to reach the top spot.

The bullish trend continues in the crypto market. Altcoins experienced steady growth as Bitcoin (BTC) calmed down around $37 thousand. Many altcoins witnessed a strong rise. Celestia (TIA) in particular has become a popular cryptocurrency of recent times.

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TIA today continued its rapid rise, which began on November 10. The increase in TIA reached 137 percent in the last three days. TIA, which made a big debut, reached a market cap of nearly $800 million.

Celestia (TIA) Bull is showing off!

Celestia (TIA), one of the newest players in the crypto market, managed to attract attention by rising from $2.41 to $5.85. TIA joins the ranks of crypto projects experiencing a boom.

TIA’s rise was attributed to maintaining the positive trend of the crypto market and the flow of funds into altcoins. TIA created a stir. The TIA, which cannot be scored for resistance points because it is new to the market, creates an all-time high price level with each new upward candle.

Celestia TIA

Till the time of writing the news, TIA reached the level of $ 5.9123 with an increase of 144 percent. $5.96, which the popular cryptocurrency built during the day, became resistance. Additionally, TIA indicated that it would advance to $6. In a possible bullish scenario, TIA could experience a strong rise above $6 and up to $6.5. With this increase, TIA could gain a foothold in the $6.5 area. Comparing the market price and buying pressure for TIA, it seems that $7 emerges as the ultimate target.

TIA’s price, on the other hand, is on the rise, rising by 144 percent since November 10. With its market cap currently reaching $800 million, TIA has emerged as a cryptocurrency where profit selling can be intensely experienced. If selling increases and decreases on the TIA side, $5.50, $5.25, and $5 could act as support zones, respectively. If these areas are also lost, TIA could be taken out to $4.62. TIA, which was at a price level near $2.45 on November 10, could experience a major decline if it loses the $4.62 support. The key support point in TIA’s decline is $4. This key support could be the turning point on whether the uptrend will continue or not.

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