It started to retreat after failing to exceed $0.73. Wave ,xrp) fell to $0.65, causing panic among investors.

B T cduring the rise of Fifth note of musical scale They AvaxIn the background according to xrp, retreated sharply after failing to overcome the resistance level. XRP, whose price remains weak compared to other major coins, could face a major decline if it does not find support from fundamental analysis.

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What levels are important to observe for the popular coin, which is currently above an important support? What kind of price movements might we see?

Unless the news is supported, the risk remains!

usually secondsXRP, which made incredible prices when it moved against it, is now moving ahead led by BTC. The silent progress of the fundamental analysis side cannot fully reveal the strength of the major coin. XRP, which was trading at $0.6539 at the time of writing, is expected to prevail against the SEC on various issues or in case of a sharp rise in BTC, it will fall to $0.6962 – 0.7232 – 0.7638 – 0.7898 – 0.8223 and $0.8550, respectively. Can set goals.

BTC’s bearish price, SEC crackdown on Ripple, or failure to hold $0.6421 will naturally drag the price down. In such a scenario, the levels at which exits can be expected are $0.6421 – 0.6104 – $0.5797 and $0.5650 respectively. A drop below $0.5650 would trigger a bigger decline.

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