last race of Rudy Garcia on the bench of napoli Maradona’s 1-0 defeat against Empoli on Sunday 12 November 2023 could certainly have cost the French coach his chair. It is necessary to be conditional because the official selection from the club has not yet arrived, but it is certain that the president Aurelio De Laurentiis has run out of patience and the Neapolitan experience for the transalpine coach has reached the final credits.

Whistles rained down on Maradona during a bad season in Naples, fans dissatisfied with the coach’s actions called for him to take the reins of a team returning from an exciting championship, including the Scudetto and the orphaning of its leader Luciano Spalletti, who became commissioner. . National team coach. The circumstances were certainly not the best, but the start in Serie A was very poor, with a title defense far from over and the Champions League field relegated. So the discount is just around the corner. But how much will it cost?Napoli,

Garcia’s exemption, the clause that “helps”

The firing of a coach always results in failure, primarily due to the season’s progress, which is considered to have fallen short of expectations if the coach is relieved of his or her duties. On the other hand, from a corporate perspective it is a failure, as the club wanted to bet and spend money to keep one coach instead of another, which ultimately disappointed. However, in both cases, the coffers of the clubs are affected, who are required to pay the coach’s salary until the natural expiration of the agreement made when the first contract was signed with a discount.

And in this sense, Napoli could emerge with broken bones, because last summer, after being orphaned by Spalletti, the Italian club signed García to a two-year contract worth 3.2 million euros, which if the coach If he has to suffer a fine, he must still obtain it from the Neapolitans. But this will not happen.

In Garcia’s contract, signed in July, there is actually a The section that comes to the aid of napoli and Aurelio De Laurentiis. In fact, if it is true that the coach could be dismissed for “just cause”, or in the event that the Azzurri do not pass the qualifying rounds, Champions (which you can follow for free on Amazon Prime Video) or they failed to qualify for the next, it is also “Exemption” in case of early separation.,

According to the agreement between the parties, in fact, Napoli must pay at the time of service 2.8 million by the end of the season, then the contract with Peck will expire on June 30. In short, Napoli will save the remaining 3.2 million that will not be paid into the pockets of the Transalpine coach.

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Who after Garcia?

Barring economic problems, which are certainly not a concern for Napoli, which thanks to De Laurentiis’s finances these are not concerns, it remains to be seen who will be the replacement on the blue bench.

The name the ADL would like in the shadow of Vesuvius is Antonio Conte, who however revealed that he did not want to enter the race. Then by the end of the season the choice may fall on a farrier and the hottest name is his. igor tudor, Formerly Udinese in Italy and Verona, fresh from French experience at Marseille, the Croatian has already been contacted by the club and is awaiting a response to announce a deal. The offer is a contract for the next 7 months with a renewal clause until 2025 upon reaching certain objectives in the Champions League and Serie A, which, we remind you, can be followed in streaming on NOW TV.

also at the window Walter Mazari I Fabio KanavaroBut their names are very cool.

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