Today’s football has kind of gone away from what it was like in the late nineties (when there were clubs). a league Dominated the European arena with wins and places Champions League what else was called coppa uefa), we all noticed it. The relationships that arise between staff and players through daily work – but also between the so-called senators and the kids of the youth areas – have given way to creating the perfect atmosphere inside the locker room. conversations on social networks, Group sentiment that is displaced by the individual’s desire for public visibility.

At the same time, today even the most charismatic faces of various teams allow themselves to be seduced. Pharaonic offerings from the Middle EastWhile the characters like javier zanetti For L’Inter, francesco totti to rome, Alessandro Dell piero e for juventus paolo maldini For Milan they decided to give up the record fee in order to remain loyal to the colors of their flag. In this paradigm shift, a fundamental role was played (and is being played) by the Eye. players’ agentsOften working with very questionable timing and methods.

The world of football in the hands of prosecutors? A judicial line opens in Italy

Wanting to identify the two agents who literally revolutionized the concept of modern football, one cannot fail to mention the late agent mino raiola (For years a prosecutor and close confidant of stars of caliber zlatan ibrahimovic I mario balotelli) and the most powerful george mendesWho still continues to look after the interests of true icons such as Cristiano Ronaldo, ambassador of the sport in Saudi Arabia for over a year, and Roma’s current coach Jose Mourinho.

Almost as if they were gurus, they were the two who opened the doors to the logic of pure economic interest Which guide the choices of its customers today. and very big personal gain What he has achieved from it – again in terms of money – seems to be able to justify his approach which has now become the majority in the dynamics regulating the transfer market. he knows something about it Ramadan fastAnother agent who has influenced the history of football over the last twenty years, but who has come under the radar of Italian justice for a few days for an alleged affair tax evasion,

Fali Ramadani, a very powerful agent of world football, a bridge between Europe and the Balkans

Born in 1963 in North Macedonia to a family of Albanian origin, Ramadan fast He grew up mostly in Germany, where he immigrated with his parents and siblings as a teenager. This is where he begins to take his first steps in the world sports agent, while maintaining very close ties with their motherland. Resident in Berlin, in the early 2000s he founded Lian Sport Group, a support agency for young footballers who dream of building a career in football that matters. with my partner Nikola Damjanac – Former Serbian professional player – introduces a fleet of promising players from the Balkans to the major European leagues, some of whom will become real cracks.

In Italy they know him well Pantaleo Corvino, was the full-time manager of first Lecce and then Fiorentina for more than a decade. It is with them that Ramadani imports caliber talents into Serie A Stefan Jovetić (After this he moved to Inter and for a long time he was courted by many big names of the old continent), adem lazic (He also played for Viola and Nerazzurri) valon behrami (With a past in Turin, Lazio and Naples too). These are the golden years for the prosecutor, who accumulates millions of euros in compensation Thanks to the sections in which he succeeds in including purchase and sale contract Of his customers.

What are the transfer market deals through which Ramadani allegedly defrauded the tax authorities in Italy?

In an increasingly unstable and dematerialized society such as the technological revolution, the activities of Ramadan fast And it is difficult to place their associates in space and time. There is no place for a relationship of trust with the players, as is the constant discussion with the presidents and CEOs of the teams, with whom he negotiates the purchase and sale of cards. And this is exactly the aspect the company has been investigating for a few weeks. Milan Prosecutor’s Officeat the hands of the judge giovanni polizzi and his colleague Giovanna Cavallari,

According to the Milanese magistrates, this period includes the tasks performed by the prosecutor in our country Between 2018 and 2022 It “should have been prepared within”stable organizationHowever, Ramadani never decided to establish himself at an official level before the state. And so, helping footballers with potential from afar dusan vlahovic (which led to his move from Fiorentina to Juventus), Federico Chiesa (Same path) E kalidou koulibaly (who moved from Napoli to Chelsea), the agent allegedly committed Italian tax evasion by avoiding paying taxes to the public treasury.

Figures from the investigation into Fali Ramadani, one of the most powerful agents in world football

Two other deals that caused a sensation in recent years have also come to the attention of the prosecutor, namely the deal that led Miralem Pjanic From Juventus to Barcelona and what they saw as heroes Ante Rebic, who joined Milan from German side Eintracht Frankfurt in 2019. All operations that do not contain ” predefined location“, as reported by Ramadani’s lawyers, who oppose the opening of the investigation file by the Lombard prosecutor’s office. “On what basis – ask the agent’s lawyers – what should our client’s company do open a physical location In Italy, Germany or Spain, there is a lack of the requirements of continuity, habit and planning that “characterize”.stable organization,

Despite these protests, the judge is still intent on sending Ramadani to trial on this hypothesis tax evasion, Meanwhile, “to guarantee the development of the investigation” and “certainly not because the magistrate’s principles are considered well-founded”, the agent was well paid. 6.5 crore euros In the hands of the Milan Prosecutor’s Office. We’ll see if his move turns out to be without any ulterior motives, or if it’s just a preview of Grand total Which Ramadani will have to pay to the tax authorities of our country.

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