There are areas left on our Earth where humans have never set foot. In one of them researchers ventured to explore a strange mammal that lays eggs. And they found it!

Mammals generally do not lay eggs. With the notable exception of those belonging to the order of monotremes. This is the case of the platypus. But also the lesser known echidna long noselong nose D’Attenborough (Zaglosus attenboroughi, It has the spine of an elephant, the legs of a shrew and the snout of an anteater. And scientists had only seen it once. This is from 1961. Perhaps because the long-nosed echidna is a nocturnal animal, living in burrows and being particularly shy.

Like no other mammal that shelters from men

Finally, going to the hostile Cyclops Mountains (Papua, Indonesia), researchers managed to surprise this incredible animal in its environment. being constantly threatened by EarthquakeEarthquakeThe MalariaMalaria, leeches, ticks, snakes and spiders, scientists donated their time to install more than 80 cameras at the site. However, this was on their final images just four weeks after recording. memory cardsmemory cardsThat they finally identified the long-nosed echidna.

Scientists report that they would not have been able to reach this milestone without the support of the local community. It was actually the residents of the village of Yongsu Sapari who shared with them the knowledge needed to navigate these dangerous mountains. And gave them the opportunity to explore lands where no man had ever set foot before.

Find a strange mammal and many others

At the end of the adventure, not only images of the long-nosed echidna were revealed, but also many other discoveries. On only a fraction of the sorted collected material, researchers have actually identified another animal lost since 2008. bee eaterbee eater by the mayor (Pitilopora mayeri), a surprising new type of land shrimp and tree relatedtree related – Yes, yes, you read that right… -, lots of speciesspecies D’insectsinsects In an unknown and never before discovered cave system, a scorpion, spiders and a blind reaper.

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