The government gives and then takes away based on the needs of the national treasury. The latest maneuver has actually hit home, and not in a positive way, those who have renovated their homes taking advantage of the 110% SuperBonus incentive. It’s more than clear how it fits into this Tools to achieve greater liquidity, Below we will explain in detail who will have to pay, how much and what exceptions are envisaged.

Superbonus tax: how much do you pay

Needless to say that the alarm of one Taxation linked to 110% superbonus A certain state of anxiety has arisen among many citizens. This incentive inspired many people to try their hand at work that might otherwise have been postponed. However, it is difficult to give up such gains, which Giorgia Meloni’s government now risks turning into heavy tax burden,

He definitely seems to agree with this idea President of ANS, Federica BrancaccioWhich defines the executive’s measure as: “An increase in property taxation appears unnecessarily punitive, What is clear from the technical report on the bill is an increase in the tax levy on households by approximately 1.9 billion euros over a three-year period.

Brancaccio warns: “It also includes measures Withholding tax increased from 8% to 11%operated by banks and post offices on bank transfers for expenses eligible for the building bonus”. The President estimates that the outcome will have an immediate and obvious impact on the liquidity of companies, given how the cash impact of the income tax is estimated.

He points out that in no way will this solve the problem of problem loans, but “it will further impact the financial balance of companies that carry out building improvement and redevelopment interventions”.

The Meloney government has also been criticized for its choice to introduce a new form of Taxation on capital gains arising from sale of immovable property, provided that they have undergone an intervention facilitated by Superbonus. A system that does not look at the immediate, quite the contrary. This increased tax will actually be valid for 10 years before it expires.

fight against superbonus

Not just citizenship income, the Maloney government had also been eyeing a 110% superbonus for some time. The words of Economic Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti are enough to explain the executive’s stance on the matter. A measure that is defined as “inappropriate”, However, according to the Prime Minister’s view, “this will lead to a debt of $20 billion” by 2024.

So, everything needs to be redone and that’s how it will be. The stimulus will disappear next year, but not before the government has adopted measures to recover lost finances. There will be a progressive decline from 90% in 2023 to 70% in 2024. It will still be possible to obtain relief for works started within the next year, but taking into account this taxation, transfer of credits and invoices without exemptions.

as mentioned, Renovate a property with 110% superbonus and sell it before 10 years It will cost a lot since the end of the work. Tax is levied at 26% on the entire profit realized in comparison to the purchase price, or one-fourth of the capital gain realized for work done. However, they exist payable Exception Envisioned by Maneuver. In this case we are talking about assets inherited through inheritance or donation. Also, this category also includes immovable property used as the main residence of the transferor or his family members.

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