Mukahit Donmez, Turkish general manager of the stock exchange, was one of the names who answered questions from Uzmancoin at the Binance Blockchain Week held in Istanbul.

“Every country has its own internal dynamics”

Stating that there will be many regulatory movements in the coming time in Turkey and globally, Mukahit Donmez said that their responsibilities are to protect assets and create a safe transaction environment:

“Maybe the market will move, maybe not, but our responsibilities are clear… Our most basic duty is to protect their assets and enable them to trade safely. With this awareness, it is our duty to develop the ecosystem. Rules are very important here. Every country has its own internal dynamics. So we don’t have any advice for anyone. Our Presidency and our Treasury Minister also made statements for 2024. “We want to get our license as soon as possible.”

“There is a crisis of confidence in the world”

Continuing his words about the regulations, Donmez said that he received ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications as a preliminary rehearsal:

“There is a very broad framework. He has such qualities which can become an example for everyone. We are preparing for these regulations. We wish to continue our activities as a licensed organization. There is also a global crisis of confidence in the region. This problem will also end with the rules. We received ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications as initial proof. We have confirmed that we are ready to comply with international standards on data security and privacy issues. “This was an early rehearsal for us.”

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