The asset value of FTX, whose bankruptcy process began last year, reached $438 million after moving to crypto exchanges. As of this morning, the company’s new management has made new transfers worth millions of dollars.

According to on-chain data, the company transferred 250 thousand SOL (about $13.5 million), 8.27 million MATIC (about $7.41 million) and 1500 Ether (about $3.1 million) to Kraken and OKX exchanges overnight.

With these transfers, the total crypto value sent by the exchange for sale was $438 million. FTX has sent 42 types of cryptocurrencies to exchanges so far.

Most locked till 2027

As is known, FTX has more than 42 million SOL. Most of these Solanas, worth about $2.2 billion, are locked… The number of SOL that the company can sell in liquid form is only 3408 tokens… Solana will start unlocking in 2024, but among them Most could be opened in 2027 and 2028.

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