A major blow to the world of wine retail. Esselunga has actually launched its own digital platform, a real and exceptionally rich online wine shop. A novelty of great interest to hobbyists and enthusiasts. An investment that has seen Cooperation with more than 350 manufacturers, All this translates into a remarkable offering, which exceeds quota 1400 wines and spirits,

Online Wine Shop: What to Know

countless i brand names Of Ability Presented by Esselunga is available on digital shelves. From Ferrari to Dom Pérignon, from Krug to Château Mouton Rothschild, from Sacciaia to Tignanello, to Cercavo Della Sala.

However, what makes this proposal particularly interesting is not just the immediacy of the product. By now we are all accustomed to online shops, which allow us to study, select and pay easily without leaving home.

At the same time, given the widespread phenomenon of social anxiety (increased by Covid), being able to shop in peace, researching labels of Italian wines and beyond without the eyes of staff, is something that will be very important to many people. Appreciated by.

However, beyond all this, there is a proposed specific selection, In fact, customers visiting the virtual shelves will be able to recognize them 88 Labels missing from typical wine shops in superstores Of the famous group.

However, on the pricing front, it was decided to ignore the entire range of potential customers without exception. Their price ranges from 10 to 1000 euros per bottle, However, in general, when talking about users, our goal is Go beyond regional boundaries like this, Today Esselunga means centre-north, and specifically more northern. Instead the brand intends to reach throughout Italy in this way.

As mentioned, wines aren’t the only thing out there. room for souls too, with high quality brands. We have Macallan for English whiskey, Nikka for Japanese and Zacapa in terms of rum.

Have a look at the site

Service and dissemination, he explains roberto SelvaManager leading marketing at Esselunga: “On the new e-commerce site – he reports Corriere Della Sera – We will place the regions of origin of the wines, table pairings. We’ll let the attendants do the talking.”

Another very interesting aspect of the Esselunga online wine shop here is the completeness of the information. So, it is not just a showcase. By browsing the site, you get the opportunity to appreciate ease of search, There are many items you can choose from to identify what you really want or need.

From price range to grape variety, nationality to region. Then there is space for manufacturer, format, assortment, denomination, serving temperature, dosage, longevity, color and more. An eCommerce that knows how to guide and inform, and that’s no small feat.

is interesting section pairs, which lends its hand to both less experienced and more experienced, but also customers looking for interesting combinations. Here we recommend drinking during an aperitif or perhaps while enjoying sushi or first courses of meat and seafood. What wines to pair with pizza, cheese, spicy dishes and more. A way to bring services from a physical location straight to your home.

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