In the court case, which has been ongoing since December 2020 and where the Ripple company had the advantage in terms of winning the case, Judge Analisa Torres set dates for the parties to find a solution and provide briefings. Ripple and the SEC agreed to set a date for issues they could not agree on.

The resolution and briefing process of both sides will begin on February 12, according to the dates set by Torres on November 13. Among the issues on which no consensus could be reached was the sale of XRP to institutional investors. In other words, the parties have until February 12 to complete the discovery process on issues they cannot agree on and then begin the process of convincing the judges.

The SEC, which is the party filing the lawsuit, has until March 13 to prepare its opinion on the XRP sale to institutional investors and present them to the judge on that day. Ripple has until April 12 to respond to the SEC on this issue. The deadline for the SEC to respond to Ripple’s allegations is April 29.

Prices rise due to fake BlackRock fund news

On the other hand, the news that BlackRock, which has Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF applications, has also registered for an XRP fund has led to a significant increase in the XRP price. However, it was later said that there was nothing like that and the news was fake. BlackRock also denied the reports.

After the refusal, this time the price has come down. XRP is currently trading at $0.66.

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