Once upon a time with his incredible growth, DiplomatWith its last move, it challenged the dollar band.

One of the most popular coins of 2021 Diplomat, has stepped on the gas during this rise. The dominant coin, which rose more than 10 percent in the last 24 hours, retreated before reaching one dollar. The dollar, which is a challenging resistance level both psychologically and technically, could lead to a major rise if exceeded.

He was rejected before even reaching a dollar!

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The major coin, which last traded at one dollar in early May, has again targeted the same level. MATIC, which is trading at $0.9312 at the time of writing, would like to target $0.9881 – 1.0731 and $1.1906 respectively if it surpasses $0.9437. Especially with the break of $1.0731, the potential upside scenario could become further bullish.

A move lower by BTC towards $35,000 or a test of MATIC at $0.8422 would raise alarm bells. In a possible downside scenario, the levels at which an exit can be expected are 0.7590 – 0.6585 and the monthly opening price respectively. As soon as it remains below the monthly opening price, the chances of a gradual decline to $0.50 will increase.

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