Compared to the law currently in force, the changes made to contribution rates and IRPEF should guarantee an increase in the income of Italian families. let’s talk aboutAverage 1.5% during 2024, Converting the data into money, three out of four households highlight an increase of around 600 euros per year.

New Irpeff, praise and controversy

Deputy Head of the Department of Economics and Statistics, andrea brandoliniWith overall comprehensive intervention, the budget legislation measures promoted 34.7 billion euros next year, This occurred at a hearing before the House and Senate Budget Committees. are also present carlo bonomiPresident of Confindustria, who showed some relevant numbers.

“According to our assessments, expansionary measures will amount to 7 billion euros for 2023, 34.7 for 2024, 20.9 for 2025 and 17.8 billion for 2026. The coverage will instead amount to 3.9 billion euros for the current year, 19 billion for 2024, and 16.3 billion for 2025. and 21.6” for 2026.

how long The measure is defined as appropriate, explained how it is incomplete, He commended the actions taken to reduce contributions for 2024, but, at the same time, highlighted the substantial absence of measures aimed at supporting private investment and “a strategy aimed at growth and competitiveness”.

New IRPEF: description

Increase in income of three out of four families, envisaged by Bankitalia, will be mainly due to contribution exemptions. However, for the remaining part, changes in Irref. It also clarifies that households between the second and sixth tenths of the income distribution will be guaranteed greater income growth. up to 2.3%,

This is all part of Giorgia Meloni’s government’s ambitious and well-stated aim to reduce the high tax burden. However, it is essential to take into account the need to identify the resources required to finance this type of project. This measure is currently sustainable only until 2024.

Here’s what Andrea Brandolini said: “Reducing the high tax wage represents an important objective; it goes on Taking into account the effects of the instruments adopted, the On the behavior of individuals, which requires stability of norms to fully manifest themselves, and on the impact on public finances. If the decision is made to make the wage reduction permanent, fixed and structural coverage will need to be identified.”

Going into detail, the executive’s measures provide for approximately 10 billion euros allocated for the renewal of the tax wage cut for 2024. a solution for IRPEF rates reform, This means merging the first two brackets, up to 15 thousand euros and between 15 thousand and 28 thousand. This applies to rate 23%, This benefit is set to vary depending on the income group of workers, who, in general terms, could get around 1000 euros more per year on their salary.

Earnings for workers and pensioners

after the changes of labor decree Beginning in May 2023, the contribution rate payable by the employee was reduced from 9.19% to 2.19% for income up to 25 thousand euros, as well as 3.19% for income up to 35 thousand euros. Initially planned until 31 December 2023, the cut has been officially confirmed for the whole of 2024.

Those who enjoy measurement most are certainly workers suffering from a Average gross monthly income 2,200 euros, or just under 29 thousand euros per year. All things considered, they are entitled to the maximum possible increase in their salary, i.e. more than 110 euros per month, equivalent to approximately 1,430 euros per year,

However, there will be no change for incomes below 15 thousand euros, as there will be for incomes above 50 thousand euros. Instead, expect about 103 euros per month for those who reach 30 thousand euros, and only 20 euros for those between 40 and 50 thousand.

Finally took a look here and there Self-Employed and Retired, In this case, the only guaranteed profit comes from the merger of the first two IRPEF brackets. A savings of 2%, which guarantees 260 euros more for incomes between 30 and 50 thousand euros. A figure that drops to 100 euros for an income of 20 thousand euros.

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