In the United States, where Tornado Cash was banned, a mixer move was made by the Swan Company. Swan, which is known for allowing its customers to save with Bitcoin, said that users found using mixers will have their accounts blocked.

banks are under pressure

In the letter sent to customers, it was said that pressure from banking partners was effective in taking this step. Recently, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Unit (FinCEN) published a guide for keeping records of crypto transactions. It did not go unnoticed that after this guide came pressure from banking institutions.

The California-based company recently changed its terms of use and added articles related to Mixer.

Yan Pritzker, one of the company’s co-founders, said in his statement on the topic that Swan has a clear policy allowing mixers, but it is impossible to switch to such mixer applications with fiat money and without a bank connection. Is. CTO Pritzker also said he prefers to eliminate risks altogether rather than do a lot of investigative work.

Following Pritzker’s statements, some customers objected to this position, claiming that this practice goes against the spirit of Bitcoin.

Samurai Wallet, one of the wallet providers with the Mixer feature, also criticized the application.

It was published:

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