black Rock‘Of delawareRipple (which he createdxrp) The fallout was inevitable as a result of the ETF registration being fake.

in the night hours black Rock They WaveThe news about literally took the market by storm. This development, which was related to the registration of BlackRock’s spot XRP ETF in Delaware, directly impacted the price and brought XRP from $0.665 to $0.75. The leading coin, which showed a rise of 12.70 percent in a very short period of time, crashed straight after the news turned out to be fake. As the market continues to grow, reactions to increasing manipulations are increasing.

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Can XRP, which usually sets prices with news flow effects, regain momentum? How are things progressing on the technical side?

Fundamental analysis did not allow the technical side!

The ETF issue, which is extremely important for the crypto industry, brought XRP from $0.665 to $0.75, paving the way for a rise of more than 12 percent. However, if this news did not turn out to be true then this increase was like wildfire. The popular coin, which directly returned to its old price, was first influenced by fundamental analysis and then technical analysis.

The popular coin, which is trading at $0.6644 at the time of writing, may target $0.6962, 0.7232 – 0.7638 – 0.7898 – 0.8223 and $0.8550 respectively if it gets positive news flow. The decline of BTC could result from the emergence of false news that would manipulate the market or secondsTaking a lead against Ripple will naturally move XRP. In such a situation, there could be withdrawals up to 0.6421 – 0.6104 – 0.5797 and 0.5650 respectively.

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