Big news from Ferrari, and all positive: the flagship of the Italian automotive industry is ready to open its doors to 250 new talents. New appointments are justified by good turnover results which drive the growth of the company.

Productivity bonus increased at Ferrari

But that’s not all: it is constantly growing competitiveness award Reserved for employees: Valid for a period of four years as per union agreement 2024-2027 Signed together with Fim, Uilm and Fismik, the group will be able to recognize workers more than 17 thousand euros of annual premium. This amount would reach 12,000 euros in 2022 and 13,500 euros in 2023. The calculation of productivity bonus will be linked to new parameters in the near future. One of them, for example, is the energy consumption indicator in accordance with Ferrari’s commitment in the field of sustainability.

The employee bonus scheme is now a tradition at Ferrari.

“Ferrari is made up of people who have been, are and will continue to be at the center of our attention. These initiatives respond to the desire to recognize the sense of belonging that makes us unique and continue to strengthen it in this journey of constant pursuit of excellence. so he says Benedetto Vigna, CEO of Ferrari,

Shareholder plan extends at Ferrari

The measures will continue for employees after this comprehensive share ownership planFor worker participation in the redistribution of profits, which will take place in the first months of 2024.

According to what was written in a note, “Each employee will, on a voluntary basis, become a member of Ferrari by receiving free, outright shares for an assignment price within the range of approximately 2,065 euros, subject to relevant tax.” Legislation. The scheme will be served by own shares. If the employee holds the shares for at least 36 months, the company will grant him additional allotment of shares up to 15% of the value of the first allotment. Ferrari will cover all management costs of the scheme.

Employees will eventually be able to to convertOn a voluntary basis, part of the value in shares up to a maximum of 3,000 euros per year.

Satisfaction has been expressed by Gianluca Ficco (National Secretary of the UILM responsible for the auto sector) and Alberto Zanetti (General Secretary of the UILM of Modena), according to whom “in this way the employees are really involved in the fate of the company”.

“An extraordinary achievement that makes sense of the proposal that CISL itself has been implementing in recent months, made possible because of healthy and participatory industrial relations. (…) Possibly in Ferrari, thanks to this agreement, a page has been written in the history of negotiations that opens up important horizons and new ways of partnership”, Echo Ferdinando Uliano (National Secretary of FIM CISL) and Giorgio Uritti. (Secretary) of the FIM Emilia Central.

Finally, twenty years of offering Formula Wellbeing Plan Dedicated to the health of employees and family members. The plan includes the possibility of undergoing a series of free medical examinations. Then focuses on Ferrari work with agilitywhere possible, and on the recognition of paid leave In addition to the law on parental leave, minor children up to 10 years of age. For disabled An agreement was reached on the right to retain one’s job even in the case of long-term illnesses.

how to work at ferrari

searching for 250 new profiles will be executed during 2024, Ferrari looks to develop excellence in the coming years. We recommend from time to time to consult with us the Ferrari Jobs page where the vacant positions are indicated and where it is possible to send a spontaneous application.

The search follows 90 appointments already announced at the F1 team.

According to research conducted by LinkedIn at the time, working at Ferrari is the dream of many Italians.

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