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When the northern lights illuminate our sky, it’s because of charged particles coming from our SoleilSoleil conversed with atomsatoms And this moleculesmolecules Our AtmosphereAtmosphere, It is a little less known – and much less spectacular – but, in their precipitation, these particles can also produce intense radio emissions at high temperatures. frequenciesfrequencies Of the order of a few hundred kilohertz.

However, today this phenomenon has been recorded not in our Earth’s atmosphere, but in our Sun’s atmosphere, directly above the region of sunspots. A emissionsemissions The radio, which continued for more than a week and at frequencies ranging from hundreds of thousands to almost a million kilohertz, demonstrated the fact that Magnetic FieldMagnetic Field of one frecklefreckle Far more powerful than our planet.

A radio transmission from an interesting sunspot

“It’s completely different stunsstuns Typical transient solar radios that typically last for a few minutes or hours. This is an exciting discovery that could potentially change our understanding of stellar magnetic processes.”Researcher Siji Yu says New Jersey Institute of Technology (United States) and lead author of the study published in the journal nature astronomyIn a press release.

According to astronomersastronomersThis phenomenon will be caused by emissions cyclotroncyclotron inspired to include electronselectrons energy in AgitationAgitation Roundabout (ECM). The cool, highly magnetic fields of sunspots would provide a favorable environment for this type of emission.

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