One month to submit your application to receive the part-time bonus, as defined. There has been an active window for sending requests to INPS Activated on Monday 13 November, Will get time to complete the process Till next 15th December 2023, Below is all the relevant information to better understand who is entitled to this assistance and in what manner.

part time bonus

INPS provided information related to granting grants Give only one bonus 550 euros by and vertical part-time worker, However, the look is not on everyone, let’s be clear. Approved applicants will only be those who have faced cyclical suspension of their business.

Mentioned in detail are the challenges workers faced during 2022 interruption of one’s work for at least seven weeksFor a period not exceeding 20 weeks.

Here are the specific categories who can submit regular applications to INPS to receive this one-time subsidy: “Employees, employed in private companies, part-time relationship holders, including periods not entirely worked , for at least one continuous month, not less than seven weeks in total and not more than twenty weeks”.

It is also underlined how the worker concerned is Must not be a recipient of NASpI, or new social insurance benefits for employment. Also, he should not be receiving pension directly.

The final requirement imposed to access the lump sum allowance provides the applicant with Must not have any other employment relationshipWhile submitting the application.

All bonus information

Not just limitations, let’s be clear. We have outlined the set of limitations highlighted by INPS. In fact, it’s good to explain how it is cumulative with disability allowance, Therefore this does not constitute any reason for rejecting the application.

At the same time, a new bonus has been indicated by the government of Georgia Meloni. It will not contribute in any way to income generation, Although it is possible to make a request until the end of December, it is easy to understand how important it can be to act quickly. INPS will monitor the expenditure limit imposed, which is equal to 30 million euros for the year 2023,

A one-time application submission is required for the 550 Euro part-time bonus proceed electronically, No digital option is allowed. You need to access the INPS website by going to the Assistance, Subsidy and Compensation section. From the Tools item you can access the “Points of access to non-pension benefits”.

At this point you will need authentication of your digital identity through well-known tools like SPID and CIE. You can apply for both 2022 and 2023, so the reference year must be specified. If presented, it is also possible to gain access to the application for this year by taking advantage of the already existing draft for 2022. A way to facilitate the entire process, which can be complex and cumbersome for some users. Having said that, it would obviously also be possible to decline this option and re-enter all the data.

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