income stream Intesa Sanpaolo has 4 million account holders For the group’s digital bank, isibank, But after complaints from thousands of users and the involvement of consumer associations, the institution led by Carlo Messina decided to review its policy.

Transition from Banca Intesa to Isibank

Background: Intesa Sanpaolo has decided to divert a part of its customer base to Isibank. For the operation, millions of account holders were selected, who over the years have shown that they have less interest in face-to-face interaction with banking operators and have reasonable familiarity with online operations. For this reason, Intesa Sanpaolo sent communications to these users at that time to inform them of the infection. However, communications were mostly sent through Notifications through app and which they have often been ignorance,

Since March 18, 2 million customers have received notifications of transfer of their banking relationships. But after a revolt of thousands of users protesting the information methods and complaints from consumer associations to the Privacy Guarantor, the Bank of Italy and antitrust, Intesa Group has decided to listen to widespread discontent. And that’s not all: the Intesa-Isibank case has also reached Parliament.

The bank said the decision was taken “after careful consideration.” listening to your customers And to meet the needs collected in the best possible manner. Intesa Sanpaolo is completely convinced of the validity of the Isibank project, which is also confirmed by the fact that more than 90% of the customers transferred in October are already operational. From our first findings it appears 5% customers were not completely satisfied There is interest and the Bank is already taking action to best meet the needs of these customers. Furthermore, the number of people who have asked and are asking to return to Intesa Sanpaolo is very limited”.

For those 300 thousand people for whom the transition is already underway, there is nothing left to do except closing the Isibank account. open it probably: a new one With Intesa Sanpaolo.

The group intends to kick off the migration by the end of 2024, but has opened a new window for users to express their disagreement over the impending move. In fact, new communications have been sent to users, inviting them to ask to block transfers by declaring themselves “non-digital”, You still have time to do this end of february 2024,

Transfer to Isibank for these account holders

Account holders at risk of transfer are those who:

  • are under the age of 65;
  • He has not set foot in any branch for at least a year;
  • They do not have any securities depository;
  • There is no outstanding loan against him.

Note from National Consumer Association

The National Consumer Association expresses satisfaction: “Following our complaint to the Privacy Guarantor, the Bank of Italy and Antitrust, which has opened an investigation into the matter, Intesa positively welcomes the complaints that consumers forwarded to the official Are”.

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