One of the most emerging coins of recent times gas ,gas) poses a threat with intense selling pressure.

During BTC’s rise, it outperformed almost all altcoins and rose by 500 percent in a week. gas Nowadays it is coming to an end. The popular coin, which has reached incredible volumes, especially with futures transactions, is experiencing a solid operation. GAS, which fell to $30 on November 10, fell to $8.16 on the last drop, bringing its value down by a total of 72.67 percent. Additionally, the price of GAS has declined by 7.68 percent in the last 24 hours.In Very lostWas at the top of the list.

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Can GAS, which has been grappling with manipulative trading, make a comeback? What does the graph show us?

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It seems difficult to see the same growth again!

GAS, which has been taking advantage of both spot and futures trading since its emergence, has been completely left in the background. With BTC performing well, crypto investors have turned to safe havens and stayed away from such manipulative projects. However, investors who held GAS also began selling assets.

At the time of writing, GAS found a buyer at $8,363. If it surpasses $8.77, it could target weekly opening prices – $11.38 – 14.11 – 18.25 – 22.69 – 23.84 – 25.79 and $29.86, respectively. However, whale activities and pump-dump issues rather than technical analysis will play a role in this process. In case of withdrawal, the levels of $8,162 and $5.42 can be followed.

screenshot 2023 11 14 10.24.26

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