Beyond being a painful experience, a romantic breakup has consequences for our bodies! Scientists have been interested in this for a long time, with several studies published on the issue in recent years.

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If a loved one has just come out separationseparation painful, keep them to yourself “This is life” and others “One lost, ten found”, Breakups are serious, and doctors say so! First of all, know that breaking up with someone you love is like entering rehab. Eh yes! In 2010, American researchers gave 15 people MRI scans as they looked at a photo of their ex-partner, whom they were still in love with. Results, published in 2010 Neurophysiology Journal It turned out that their brain activity was almost identical to that of cocaine-seeking drug addicts! Two hormones are responsible for this: oxytocin and dopamine.

Two hormones come into play during a romantic breakup

Oxytocin is the well-known love hormone, which is involved in strengthening social and emotional bonds. It is synthesized by the hypothalamus in the brain and released by the pituitary gland during intimate moments with your loved one: Contact. physiquephysique, hug, or sometimes just think about your partner! When the relationship is over, so is the productionoxytocinoxytocin Decreases, which can lead to feelings of detachment, deprivation and loneliness. In addition, we must also learn to live with less dopamine, which is the reward system hormone synthesized during pleasurable stimuli. After a breakup, reduced dopamine release may contribute to decreased motivation and well-being. It is the dopaminergic system that is also found to be involved in the mechanism of emotional dependence. Then those affected experience real weaning airweaning air ,

Romantic Breakups: A Real Comeback!

In another study published in 2004 The American Journal of PsychiatryResearchers have shown the role played by two other hormones that have a field day: cortisolcortisol And thisadrenalineadrenaline, During an episode of The Secret TensionTensionThe main role of cortisol is to activate the body so that it can deal with urgent situations, including the emotional distress caused by a breakup. And its effects are very real: loss of sleep and appetite, mood disorders. To respond to stress, cortisol may depend on adrenaline. It is responsible for the acceleration of heart rate, increase arterial pressurearterial pressureA SpreadSpread of bronchibronchi (to facilitate breathing), and mobilization of reserves glucoseglucose to provide additionalenergyenergy, Sensations that can range from discomfort to symptomssymptoms Much more serious, similar to a heart attack: then we talk about Takotsubo syndrome (or broken heart disease). Fortunately, this phenomenon is very rare, and scientists estimate that “withdrawal” from a romantic relationship lasts about three months.

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