The population is continuously aging and, by 2050, approximately 400 million people will be aged 80 and older. This is enough to salute the progress of current medicine, while also asking new questions about the management of aging diseases. But at what age do we actually start getting old?

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Beauty laboratories repeat it all the time: at the age of 25, cells degenerate and it is necessary to prevent aging cutaneouscutaneous By investing in anti-wrinkle creams, dousing yourself with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and more. retinolretinol…Miracle Remedy or Big Scam?

First, it is about understanding what aging is. If its definition is still a matter of debate, scientists agree on the fact that there are two types:

Physical aging refers, first of all, to the body and its clinical examination: “It is generally believed that the functioning of all bodily systems is optimal between the ages of 20 and 30, Researchers say in a 2020 article in the journal medical science, In fact, from the age of 30, slow and progressive changes start appearing in the functioning of each organ. The walls of the heart thicken, the muscles lose mobility and the arteries harden. Respiratory muscles lose strength andelasticityelasticity Pulmonary decreases.

We are not all the same when it comes to aging!

Very bleak prospects, but which do not concern everyone to the same degree! It’s proven: When it comes to aging, we’re not all the same. To get such results, researchers followed a panel of more than 1,000 people over a period of 12 years, from their 26th to their 38th birthday. They isolated 18 biological markers of aging which they analyzed at three stages: 26 years, 32 years, and 38 years. They also measured the participants’ biological age based on the length of their telomeres: the ends of chromosomes that shorten with age.

Their results, published in 2015 in the journal PNAS, are clear: 38-year-olds with more advanced markers of aging had a biological age greater than their birth age, had lower cognitive performance, appeared older than average and said they felt weaker. Were! In contrast, people with less marked markers of aging were biologically younger, their cognitive performance was above average, they looked younger and felt good.

Simple Habits to Stay Young Longer: What Actions Should You Adopt?

Slow down aging by taking care of your lifestyle

The good news is that it is actually possible to slow down the pace of aging. Without robbing cosmetics stores, you should first of all pay attention to your healthy lifestyle. better : “Active aging should now be considered an art of living”, researchers suggest in a 2020 study. To do this, you should focus on sports, maintaining your brain by fostering social interactions and intellectual endeavors. Aging is also closely related to diet: if you want to slow it down, choose a varied diet and eliminate sucresucre , Finally, for the most stylish people who want to protect baby’s skin for as long as possible, they should bet on a good overall protection before wearing. NezNez Outside.

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