Türkiye famous for crypto investors When? ,What) increased by more than 25 percent in the last two days Bitcoin‘I (B T c) is challenging.

Recognized by a large segment of the Turkish crypto ecosystem Whathas created a trend with its recent growth. B T cThe popular coin, which performed impressively in its journey to $38,000, particularly surprised with its latest move.

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KAS, which stood firm despite BTC retreating to $35,500 with the fake ETF news, signaled a new ATH. Moreover, with an increase of 18.43 percent in the last 24 hours, “In Very AscendantIs at third place in the list.

What is the technical analysis for KAS, which reacted more strongly to the decline in BTC than other altcoins?

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It increased by 26 percent in just two days!

KAS, which makes a new ATH every day, tried to approach $0.099 with its last wick but failed. The popular coin, which retreated a bit due to the ongoing uncertainty in BTC and confusing sector-based news flow, would like to test $0.099148 when the environment stabilizes and then make an ATH.

Selling pressure will increase from conditions such as BTC failing to hold $35,500 and test lower levels, the news cycle turning negative, or KAS staying below $0.092630. The support levels that can be followed in such a scenario are $0.0879 – 0.083 – 0.078 – 0.0715 – 0.0682 and $0.6159 respectively.

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