This is the purpose of the Meloni government Structuring fringe benefits from 2024, Revising the range of goods and services that can be provided tax-free to employees. Actually, from next year the roof This increases to 1,000 euros for all workersWhile for those with dependent children The maximum price that can be paid will be equal to 2,000 euros,

But what are the fringe benefits? They are formed in all kinds of ways supplementing employees’ income And it may include services of various kinds or material goods. These can be paid to all employees or only to specific categories. To put it as briefly as possible, fringe benefits are non-monetary services or goods that an employer may or may not provide to its employees.

Fringe benefits: what are they

Employers provide additional benefits to employees In addition to the salary provided by contract, They may constitute sums of money through reimbursement or, in most cases, they constitute access to goods or services free of charge or with particularly advantageous terms compared to those that can be obtained on the market.

The people who benefit from these special benefits are taxpayers who appear to be gods. holder of income from employment, Fringe benefits are provided directly by the companies where they are employed. The benefits provided are wide and varied. To give examples – which are by no means exhaustive – these include expenses incurred for:

  • energy user,
  • speech I spa,
  • trips,
  • smart fone,
  • company car,
  • children’s education,

So we are faced with a real formula corporate welfare, which seems to be very widespread in many companies. The tax legislation currently in force allows you to obtain a series of benefits: in fact, up to the maximum competition limit, They are not considered taxable income, Fringe benefits are tax deductible for both the company that provides them and the employee who receives them.

employer’s responsibilities

It is worth underlining There is no obligation on the part of the company to provide fringe benefits, The decision whether or not to grant them rests exclusively with companies, who may choose to make them available only to certain categories of employees.

In any case, when the tax-exempt limits established by law are exceeded, Will contribute to the generation of income of the employee and will be taxed as per the relevant rates,

When a company provides fringe benefits to employees with children No check is required on the actual presence of dependent children, However, the worker is required to complete a declaration form certifying that he or she has the necessary necessities.

Who can benefit from fringe benefits

Apart from this, only nominated employee bonus, fringe benefits can be paid For private sector workers, Therefore people who work in public administration and consultants and associates who work in both the private and public sectors are excluded.

Labor decree extends it to 2023 Fringe benefits limit of 3,000 euros, However, this maximum limit is valid only for workers with dependent children. Legislative Decree no. 48/2023 The non-taxability limit provided for by Article 51, paragraph 3 of the TUIR is increased only for employees with dependent children. The maximum tax-free amount for all other subjects remained unchanged at 258.23 euros.

Additionally, for 2023, amounts paid by companies to their employees for payment of domestic utilities such as electricity, water and gas will remain exempt. To qualify for benefits and receive the highest fringe benefits, i Children must be dependents as of December 31, 2023,

Unions criticize this decision because it creates a strong disparity between workers with dependent children and workers without dependent children.

Employees who have dependent children, whether born within or outside marriage, have the opportunity to benefit from this benefit. And they have got legal recognition. The same relaxation also applies to those who have adopted or fostered children.

They are considered for all intents and purposes dependent children of the family People who earned total income during 2022 less than or equal to:

  • A 2.840,51 euros Gross of any deductible charges;
  • A 4.000 euros For children under 24 years of age.

How should the application be submitted?

Through a circular dated August 1, 2023, the revenue agency clarified that employees have the possibility to avail this benefit Certification of Employee Status,

Any person wishing to avail of this will have to fill a specific form, which they will have to submit to their employer.

What will change in 2024

The 2024 budget legislation, as announced by Georgia Maloney during a press conference Tax-free fringe benefit limit revised, which increases to 1,000 euros for all employees and decreases to 2,000 euros for those who have dependent children. In the latter case, if both parents are employed, they are likely to receive additional benefits directly on their pay slip. In other words, the bonus is considered at an individual level and can be pooled within the same family.

With the 2024 budget, the Meloni government has decided Structuring the measurement of fringe benefits, and are also making changes in it. It will be up to the employee to inform his or her company whether he or she meets the requirements to be able to access the employee bonus.

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