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In Colorado (United States), some reports have recently experienced “Shiny Night”, Without any connection to the all-too-famous light pollution that, on a daily basis, spoils our darkness. No. We are talking here about a phenomenon that has been regularly observed since ancient times. Around 100 BC, Pliny the ElderPliny the Elder described him as a ,SoleilSoleil noctonnocton,, A faint glow that illuminated the distant mountains.

Bright nights due to some atmospheric phenomenon

This appears to be the mysterious phenomenon that was observed a few days ago by night sky photographer Aaron Watson in Colorado. And the photos taken by them may confirm the hypothesis put forward in 2017 by a team from York University (Canada) to explain them.

Bright Night: The mystery is finally solved

Bright nights may result from diffuse brightness peaks that fillAirAir , of air shine As English speakers say. they appear to be correlated Wave’sWave’s Huge air bubbles at high altitude. Which scientists call Rossby waves. Waves that gather during the appearance of bright nights and form high areas ExpressionExpression A distance of several hundred, even several thousand kilometers. of’oxygenoxygenThe atmosphere concentrates in these areas and gives rise to these amazing flashes.

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