PancakeSwap (which has outperformed almost the entire altcoin market with the latest price change)Cake) attracted a lot of attention.

One of the most popular names of DeFi platforms Cake It continues to attract attention with its price structure. The popular coin, which gained momentum after exceeding $2, B T cDespite the decline, his eyes are on the heights. CAKE managed to reach $2.62 with an increase of 22.77 percent in the last 24 hours. In Very Ascendant Second place in the list.

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Can CAKE, which has shaken the market with its growth in the past, achieve the same vibe again?

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Resisting the Bitcoin Pullback Well!

BTC’s correction by testing $38,000 is dragging most altcoins down. However, PancakeSwap (CAKE), which is resistant to downside momentum, has fallen to $2,646. At the time of writing, CAKE is trading at $2,588.

If the cake side upside continues, further yearly opening prices of 2.646 – 2.82 – 3 respectively can be targeted. The price of CAKE will fall if BTC continues to fall, DeFi remains in the background or FUD news hits the market. In such a case, the levels that can be followed as support are $2,455 – weekly opening price – $2,072 – $1,912 and $1,698 respectively.

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