Binance LAB‘In arkhamintelThe platform token that debuted with the investment announcement arkmAttracted attention.

very recently arkhamintelDeclaring that they have invested Binance LABespecially the platform arkm This created a lot of enthusiasm among investors. Providing various crypto-related data services arkhamintel, also attracted the attention of Binance and received investment. The platform token that lit the fuse directly due to the impact of the news arkm It rose from $0.4896 to $0.6146, registering an overall increase of 25.53 percent.

The Binance Effect is in full swing!

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Binance, which is influential in every process of the crypto industry, has become even more influential as the market has grown. The stock exchange, which garners relevant coins with both listings and investment news, showed this again with its latest move. ARKM, which made an upward move after the post from Binance Labs’ X account, surged more than 25 percent.

ArkhamIntel, which has made a name for itself with its recent activities, has come forward with the support of Binance. Data platforms that have been gaining more attention have been making a name for themselves for a while now, with BTC showing significant growth.

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