SC Ventures, the investment arm of Standard Chartered, has launched a tokenization platform called Libera. Libera, which is headquartered outside Singapore, is separate from SC Ventures; It aims to enable fund managers, governments and issuers to bring real-world assets onto the blockchain.

Libera will be headed by Aaron Gwak, who worked at Standard Chartered for 16 years. Gwak touched on the importance of tokenization in its statement, saying:

“Tokenization will make many of the world’s assets available to the public. We were already providing institutional level custody and clearing services through Zodia Custody. “Libera will represent the next level in services we provide to our users.”

Libera’s partners include; Fireblocks to help with storage, Chainalysis for compliance and checks, and StraitsEx for exchanges between stablecoins and fiat currencies.

Libera has also partnered with FundBridge Capital, a regulated funds platform, to help launch a tokenized Singapore dollar government bond fund for accredited investors.

Tokenization is seen as one of the biggest and most important developments to come. HSBC, another UK-based bank giant, also set up a platform to sell tokenized gold in its vault in London earlier this month.

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