If you are looking for a home for rent in turin You can breathe a sigh of relief along with your wallet. In fact, in the fourth Italian municipality by population and 290th by GDP per capita, rent costs are on average Solo 10.71 euros per square meter per month. But is it really that small? You decide for yourself, what is the average request to rent a house in Rome 15,18 Euro per square meter while in Milan we reach this figure 22,23 euros. This means that, the amount of money you charge for fares in Milan Studio apartment on the ground floorYou can easily rent one in this city famous for its palaces and royal residences. three room apartment, Let’s take a look at the cost of renting in Turin in more detail for all Housing needs.

Rooms for rent in Turin, the best neighborhoods for students

let’s start with Students looking for a house in TurinThe average price to rent a room is around 373 euros, But what are the best areas of Turin for university students? It depends on the location of their university. The best option for those enrolled in engineering is represented by the neighborhood Borgo San Paolo, Crosetta and SenisiaWhile those who frequent the architecture may find it convenient to go a little further west towards the Po River in the district San Salvario, And for those who have decided to enroll in non-STEM courses? For those who have chosen to study literature and philosophy in Turin, the most convenient option falls on the neighborhood Royal Park, Vanchiglia and Vanchiglietta,

Ranking of Turin neighborhoods by rental cost

In the table below you will find the average rental prices updated until October 2023 for all neighborhoods of Turin, as calculated by Porta Immobiliare.it, essential to be able to quickly evaluate the price of a room as soon as you read the advertisement . , But being able to roam safely in the woods of student fare It is important to know in detail about the advantages of rental contracts that provide both a form of protection for students and benefits for those who rent to girls or boys attending university.

Areas and neighborhoods of Turin price per m2
Center 14,01€
San Salvario 12,14€
Crosetta, San Secondo 11,24 €
Cavoretto, Great Mother 11,03€
Royal Park, Vanchiglia, Vanchigliata 10,86 €
Borgo San Paolo, Senisia 10,28 €
Campidoglio, San Donato, City Turin 10,22€
Colle Della Maddalena, Superga 10,17€
Madonna del Pilon, Sassi 9,90€
Aurora, Barriera di Milano, Rebaudengo 9,58 €
Lingotto, Nice Millefonti 9,37€
Pozzo Strada, Parella 9,06 €
Borgo Vittoria, Dora Park 8,86€
Mirafiori South 8,75€
Santa Rita, Mirafiori North 8,58 €
Le Valet, Lucento, Madonna di Campagna 8,50€
Lanzo Barrier, Falchera, Barca, Bertola 8,15€

How much does it cost to rent a studio apartment in the center of Turin?

Let’s see now what are the most convenient solutions for those who have moved to Turin for work and are looking for 50m2 studio apartment, perhaps located in a strategic area from the point of view of railway connections. In this case the correct option may fall new door Close to the city center, al quadrilateral It is on San Salvario, The rent for a large studio apartment or a small two-room apartment in these areas is approximately the same. 575 euros per month, excluding condominium fees.

How much does it cost to rent a three-room apartment in the center of Turin (and why it costs so little)

If instead we aim to move forward center in turin With the whole family we have to bear approximately the monthly cost (always excluding expenses and bills) 863 euros. This is actually the average monthly cost of renting a property Three-room apartment of 75 square meters In Turin. but in turin expensive rent Did he not listen to himself? Yes, it really is meant to be heard! But the starting prices were so little Not even 10% increase in one year Extremely high cost.

Rent in Turin, the cheapest and greenest area

Another valid option that allows you to save a lot rental price Have to concentrate on less central area. From this point of view, Turin offers many advantages, in fact the city is surrounded by big green fields Born to grow the suburbs. For example, in the neighborhood Borgo Vittoria and surrounding areas Dora ParkThe average cost of monthly rent for a 70 m2 apartment is 620 euros, Moving a little further into the area we find even more advantageous prices Le Valet, Lucento, Madonna di Campagna where there is also an apartment 100 square meters On average, its cost is affordable 850 euros Excluding expenses. By way of comparison in the cheapest area in Milan, namely the Baggio district, the average rental price for the same square meter is approx. 1.550 euros,

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