AVAX, which has gained serious momentum in recent days and managed to overcome the $20 threshold, has again started to attract the attention of investors. A whale made a significant transfer to the Binance exchange.

According to information provided by on-chain tracking platform LookOnChain, a whale transferred 449,668 AVAX to the Binance exchange. If Whaley completes the transfer, which is worth approximately $10.3 million, with a sale, it will make a profit of $3.8 million.

The same whale had withdrawn from Binance in June last year and this year. Whales withdrew a total of 535 thousand AVAX from Binance on June 6, 2023 and November 23-24, 2022. At the time of filming, AVAX was priced at approximately $14.

In addition to the transfer to Binance, the whale holds another 85 thousand AVAX worth $1.95 million.

The current price of AVAX, which was $13 last week on November 9, is around $22.

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