On May 30, 2026 or June 5, 2027 Champions League may return to Milan, We’re not talking about Milan and Inter’s big-year cup triumphs, with Rossoneri and Nerazzurri fans hoping to get their hands on the trophy as soon as possible, but about return of a final of top European club competitions at the San Siro. In fact, 10 or 11 years later, the Mezza Stadium may once again host the Champions League final, the memories of the Spanish derby between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in 2016 are still fresh in my eyes.

Milan’s candidates for the Champions League final

The Municipality of Milan opened up the possibility of a spectacular return to San Siro of the Champions League final, formalizing in recent days the candidacy of the Milanese city for the years 2026 and 2027. In fact, through a resolution of the Council, it was given the green light for the candidacy of the Lombardy capital for one of the finals of the European competition, which already in the summer Mayor Sala said he was ready to host. Are.

Whereas Milan and Inter discuss new stadiumWith the Mezza potentially being demolished or only used for major events such as concerts, the Champions League final could be another case of postponing the fate of the structure.

And after sending the candidacy to the FIGC, which then sent all the documents to UEFA, Milan is now waiting. The date circled in red is 21 February 2024 in which the official candidacy must be confirmed on the basis of clarifications requested by the supreme European football body. But how much will the final in Milan mean for the Lombard city?

Champions in Milan, how much is it worth?

Final assignment will be given to the candidate’s country and city 6 maggio 2024, so Milan and the people of Milan have 6 months to dream of the great return of the Champions League to the city. A competition which, if held in Italy, would have given a real experience Increase For the economy of Milan.

According to estimates, in fact, the revenue for the city will be approximately 15 millionWithout considering all the direct revenues derived for the municipality, for example, from the tourist tax and from the use of public transport by fans present in the city on the day of the final and in the days preceding it.

In 2016, the year in which the Spanish derby between Real Madrid and Atlético took place, the municipal administration’s investment was approximately 800 thousand euros”“Without adversely affecting the investment for the redevelopment of the stadium and the redevelopment of the spaces in front of the stadium” with an important economic benefit given the great public appeal of that edition in Milan. In addition to the obviously sold-out event at San Siro, The city was invaded by more than 80 thousand fans, 600 journalists, 200 photographers and more than 200 TV channels, who covered the event in detail.

A significant presence that has had a visible impact not only in the city, but also on hotel bookings. And Mayor Beppe Sala hopes to relive such a moment, with the hope of seeing the Champions League in Milan again on 30 May 2026 or at most no later than 5 June 2027. We just have to wait till 6th May 2024. to find out.

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