Focusing on regularly improving the platform by taking into account users’ feedback, Bitget also provides specialized solutions tailored to users’ needs.

The special trading modes created with the Elite Trader Special Mode developed in this direction are aimed at meeting the needs of the users. This innovation reflects Bitgate’s determination to become a user-centric platform and its efforts to prioritize user satisfaction.

The Elite Trader Private Mode, which is planned to launch in November 2023, creates an exclusive area for professional traders and their followers. This innovative mode will maximize trading experiences with unique benefits offered to users and experts.

This innovation, which will include four important features, will include “Whitelist Invitation”, “Transaction Strategy Security”, “Profit Sharing Ratio Customization” and “Individual Follower Management”.

  1. Whitelist Invites: Professional traders can now build a loyal and valuable following by inviting specific users to follow their strategies. With customized invite links, experts can create private communities.
  2. Trading Strategy Security: Within Private Mode, trading experts can provide comprehensive strategy security by sharing their strategies with their loyal followers, making it easier for traders to maintain the privacy of their trading methods.
  3. Profit Sharing Ratio Customization: Elite Trader Custom Mode eliminates the need to lock BGB (Bitgate’s own token), enabling customizable flexible profit sharing ratios from 0% to 99%. This feature maximizes profit sharing opportunities for traders and underlines their important contribution to the platform.
  4. Personalized Follower Management: Expert and professional traders can closely monitor the trading activities of their followers. This feature contributes to the success of the community by providing the ability to add and remove followers for more effective management.

Gracie Chen, General Manager of Bitgate, explained her excitement for this new feature in the following words: “We are determined to continuously improve our platform and provide solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our valued traders. Elite Trader Private Mode is a demonstration of our commitment to creating an enriching trading experience for our community.

For professional traders, the Elite Trader Private Mode opens the door to significant profit sharing opportunities and highlights the invaluable contribution these traders make to the Bitget community. Followers have the opportunity to enrich their trading journey by receiving exclusive services and unmatched support from top global trading experts.

This feature, which promotes community building, also encourages interaction, collaboration and information sharing between traders. The Elite Trader trading mode comes out as an excellent option to further strengthen Bitget’s trading community by strengthening the relationships between members.

In addition to copy trade transactions, Bitgate continues to actively update the product for smart transactions. Martingale strategies powered by artificial intelligence, grid trading and automated trading, as well as the futures quantitative trading bot, are indicative of Bitget’s goal of providing the best time-trading tools for traders. Designed to simplify the trading process, save time and maximize effectiveness, these improvements enable traders to better adapt to market conditions and optimize their trading performance.

About Bitgate

Founded in 2018, Bitgate is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company. Serving over 20 million users from over 100 countries and territories, Bitget Exchange aims to help users make smart transactions with its leading copy trade features and other trading solutions. Bitgate Wallet, formerly known as BitKeep, is a premium multi-chain crypto wallet that offers features and Web3 solutions like wallet functionality, swaps, NFT market, DApp browser, and more. Bitgate aims to enable more users to adopt crypto through collaborations with trusted partners such as legendary Argentine football player Lionel Messi and official eSports event organizer PGL.

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