“I always wonder who decided there should be a difference between men’s and women’s clothing” Yohji Yamamoto asked himself this question in 1983, anticipating for decades what is now one of the main fashion trends,

just these days brand Unequal Presented its first genderless collection. And to do so they chose to collaborate with stylists head manorA born creative person, she was already making patterns and sewing clothes at the age of just 16.

quality and tradition

Per head manorattention to every detail Stiching And commitment to quality has always been important. his passion is traditional Men’s ClothingWhich he likes to bend and rework.

In this case it is a capsule collection Very exclusive for the quality of the materials and the boldness of the models and in a limited edition: only a few units of each item were produced. A large amount of designs were conceived in precisely the same perspective including I genderless,

Each item in this collection is more than an aesthetically beautiful piece of clothing: it is the result of a creative process with an ambitious goal. By uniting their universes, Hed Mainer and Desigual wanted to re-invent it timeless essentials Who make a good wardrobe and at the same time, boast of knowledge of the best sartorial tradition.

Obviously we are faced with show-off leaders at least, but inside there is a complex, different, surprising structure, 100% desi. We can say that although it is alimited editionIts originality and unique character are truly limitless.

A closer look at the collection

To accurately highlight its unique features, the team gave each item a creative name. because of this reason, oversized kimono The overall kimono has become extra bold, or Complete Jacket and trousers renamed No matching jacket and pants,

Other suggestive names chosen were La 24/7 365 Tote Bag, for its versatility; There Camisia 2 in 1 Double Sided Officer Cross Shirtmade up of two shirts and which can be worn in several ways; shapeshifting jumper, a sweater that is loose or tight at the waist, depending on how we wear it; Or the reinvention of the classic total denim look, renamed New Canadian Tuxedo Jacket and Pants,

even the pieces basic They’ve got names that reveal the structure and concept hidden inside each of them: the fixed canvas pants, the so-so clear ruby ​​t-shirt, the uniform coat more than a coat… In the collection, we also find a pair of shoes request. Available on the market are so-called elegant eco leather shoes.

size They seem to match perfectly with Clothes Used for this collaboration, which offers elegance and modernity at the same time. The capsule collection will be available only in selected stores, as well as online: 13 November It arrived in Japan, in the Tokyo Ginza boutique, and on November 14 in Europe, in the shops of Paris Bonaparte and Paris Rosiers, Berlin Mitte, Florence Santa Maria, Madrid Precidos and Barcelona Plaça Catalunya.

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