Famous crypto phenomenon with 247 thousand followers on the X (formerly Twitter) platform coin engineerHe said his Turk Telekom SIM card was stolen and “all his money was taken out”.

While the crypto phenomenon said that his wallets at exchanges were emptied this evening and that he could not access his e-mail accounts, he cried out for help: “I am in a very difficult situation, please help.”

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The first response to Coin Engineer’s call for help came from Ahmet Onur Yeygun, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Bitci.

Another cryptocurrency exchange that said they had blocked the wallet of the coin engineer who was attacked was Bitgate Turkey.

It is unknown how much crypto assets the event holds in their wallet.

The first of the screenshots shared by Coin Engineer includes the words “Your SIM card change has been completed.” Phenomen says he did not even receive an SMS on his phone. Although not enough is known about the attack, it is not an unfamiliar situation for the crypto industry. In fact, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin faced a similar attack last September and crypto assets worth $691 thousand were stolen from his wallet.

What is SIM swapping attack?

A method of fraud by transferring the phone number to another SIM card. With this method, also known as SIM jacking, attackers transfer their victims’ phone numbers to their own SIM cards. By “entering” the victim’s SIM card, the attacker thus gains control over the phone number and the accounts associated with it.

How to perform SIM swap attack?

The attackers, posing as the owner of the line, call mobile operators and tell them that they have lost their phone and request that the phone number they are currently using be transferred to a “new” SIM card. be transferred to. All accounts linked to the victim’s phone number are also emptied in the same manner.

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