A year has passed since its bankruptcy and the new management of FTX, whose former CEO, SBF, was recently found guilty on all charges by a court jury, planned a massive sale to pay off creditors money.

According to a report by American media Forbes, the company aims to sell $100 million worth of cryptocurrency on a weekly basis. As it is known, FTX has transferred more than $430 million of crypto money to exchanges so far.

Solana has the most, but…

It is known that FTX holds the largest amount of cryptocurrency Solana. The company, which held more than $3.3 billion in SOL, also transferred a significant amount of SOL to stock exchanges. Despite all these transfers, the price of SOL did not retreat and continued to rise. Most of the SOL tokens held by FTX will be locked until 2027-2028.

Bitcoin, Ether, APT, XRP…

Solana is followed by Bitcoin and Ether among the cryptocurrencies held by FTX. There is $740 million worth of Bitcoin and $225 million worth of Ether on the stock exchange. Additionally, $180 million Aptos and $140 million XRP are also among the significant assets held by the exchange.

It can’t mean it will fall

What investors fear the most here is that there is a possibility of a decline in prices after the start of the sale of FTX… However, it is also true that even after these steps of FTX, the prices have increased, for which the stock exchanges Being transferred in. Week.

For example, Solana, which is worth around $40, despite all the transfers and being FTX’s most owned asset by far, is currently priced at $65.

As you remember, at the beginning of the year, the US government made a transfer for sale of 49 thousand BTC, but this did not have much effect on the price.

Therefore, gradual selling during this rising period may not have much negative impact on prices.

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