We are all troubled by plastic, this is what an experiment conducted by a French association aims to show. As a part of the campaign sick of plasticThe hair of 19 French celebrities, artists and scientists was analyzed. The results have just come in, all these people are contaminated with dangerous additives!

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Nineteen personalities, artists, content creators and scientists agreed to take part in a test: a strand of their hair was analyzed by a laboratory to assess their levels of exposure to twelve pollutants (nine phthalatesphthalates and three bisphenols) in the last three months. The microplastics analyzed come from the most commonly used items in our daily lives. The results were made public this Tuesday, November 14, showing that all the people tested were contaminated with six to ten dangerous additives, even though their lifestyles and types of diets were very different. All the pollutants found in these people endocrine disruptorsendocrine disruptorsOf these, two are suspected to be carcinogenic and five are affected by fecundityfecundity And fertility.

According to Ludovic Maugère, campaign manager for On Est Pret, these results are representative. contaminationcontamination Of the French population: “ 100% of people in France have bisphenol A in their bodies. Threshold of poisoningpoisoning Of Bisphenol ABisphenol A has also recently been divided by 20,000. This means that even the slightest trace of it in our body is toxic. during pregnancypregnancyThis puts the unborn child at riskAllergiesAllergies and d’asthmaasthma, but also for learning difficulties and motor problems. It also has questionable consequences, such as increasedobesityobesityThe diabetesdiabetesThe you are canceryou are cancer And this prostate cancerprostate cancer, But the problem is that all bisphenols are dangerous, not just A which is banned in some products.

Despite all possible precautions, we are still contaminated

When it comes to methods of contamination, we immediately think of packaging. plasticplastic Used for food, but the cosmetics and clothes we wear are also part of the problem, as are microplasticsAirAir That we breathe. , Nathalie Gontard, a proven scientist, works on the issue of plastic and she follows all the necessary precautions with a strict lifestyle. Despite this it is still contaminated! , Ludovic Mauger explains.

Change in our lifestyle is necessary, but it is not sufficient; Large international organizations will have to deal with this problem. Negotiations are underway in Kenya to establish the first global treaty against plastic pollution. A petition already signed by more than 200,000 people calls for stronger measures against this daily pollution.

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