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Lower levels are being tested as BTC drops to $35,000 What Continues where it left off. Coming straight from $0.078 to $0.143, the popular coin recorded a total increase of 85 percent. Can Caspa, one of the most impactful projects of the growing season, continue its momentum? How are things progressing on the technical side?

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KAS, which was much stronger than other altcoins in the down season, reflected this situation in the up season. The popular coin, which overtakes almost the entire altcoin market, may not get enough ATH renewal. With its last attack, KAS reached a new ATH of $0.143265.

Situations such as BTC retracing to $35,000, fundamental analysis remaining negative, or KAS failing to surpass its last peak price would trigger a potential decline. In such a case, the levels that can be seen as support are $0.128 – 0.124 – 0.118 – 0.109 – 0.103 – 0.0984 and $0.0925 respectively. If the rise continues, help can be taken from various indicators, especially Fibonacci, for resistance levels.

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