Semaglutide present in Ozempic and Vegovy is effective in weight loss. Additionally, it will reduce major cardiovascular events by 20% in overweight or obese patients without a history of diabetes.

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In addition to its potential anti-cancer properties, researchers attribute protective effects against cardiovascular risk to Ozempic and Vegovy. These two antidiabetic drugs used for weight loss contain the same active ingredient, semaglutide.

, We know that overweight and obesity increase the risk of cardiovascular events. However, while treatment reduces cardiovascular diseasehypercholesterolemiahypercholesterolemiaof’high blood pressurehigh blood pressure an you diabetesdiabetes This is a common practice, and the concept of treating obesity to reduce cardiovascular complications has been hampered. “, explained Michael Lincoff, co-author of a new study published in New England Journal of Medicine,

A possible route to treating the harmful effects of obesity and diabetes

criterion choose It included more than 17,000 participants over the age of 45 who already had heart disease and a BMI of at least 27, but who had no history of diabetes. The results showed that a weekly dose of 2.4 mg semaglutide led to a 20% reduction in major adverse cardiovascular events (cardiovascular death). myocardial infarctionmyocardial infarction at avcavc non-fatal) not in these overweight or obese patients diabetesdiabetesthan a placeboplacebo, Follow-up lasted a total of 39.8 months.

A limitation of the trial is that it only included patients with pre-existing cardiovascular diseases and events. Therefore the effects of the treatment on overweight or obese people without a history of heart disease were not measured.

Of course, the drug’s beneficial effects on heart health were mediated by attractive weight loss. Improve your lifestyle through a balanced diet and activity physiquephysique That’s why regular exercise is important for your heart health.

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