Do you need a vehicle suited to your needs and your business, allowing you to do your work safely and conveniently? long term rental has long been an attractive option for women small and medium enterprisesprofessionals and owners VAT number, Born2Rent was born in a competitive market purpose of providing clarity Allowing professionals to search for their needs quickly Ideal mobility solutions thanks to our certified and trained consultants volkswagen,

clarity and transparency They are the cornerstone of communication born2rantWho chose to eliminate the asterisk and offer a solution without advance paymentThereby allowing customers to customize offers based on their needs, making the rental process quick and efficient.

In just three years of activity, Born2Rent has become a point of reference for SMEs, corporate fleets, freelancers and traders who have chosen to trust the professionalism of Born2Rent consultants. This success is due to The clear and ever-growing benefits of long-term rental For professionals.

Long Term Rental - Born2Rent

What are the benefits of long-term rental for professionals?

Firstly, there is a convenience single rate Which covers all the expenses related to the car, Including insurance, maintenance, registration and 24-hour roadside assistance throughout Europe, Born2Rent customers also appreciate the possibility of personalizing their car, ordering it directly from Volkswagen and changing the car every 2, 3 or 4 years.

Electric mobility is a growing trend, and long-term rentals provide the opportunity to drive highly technical cars Such as the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5, without worrying about the future of mobility or the resale of the rental car.

To learn more about long-term rentals and the opportunities offered by Born2rent, visit the website at

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