primo match point per francesco bagnaia in Losail, where motogp Preparing for the final GP race of the season full of emotions. In Queue, Having managed to overtake Jorge Martin by one point, the Italian rider of the Ducati team has a chance to raise his hand Second consecutive world titleThe third of his career, ending a dominated year but the last few races, saw the Spaniard make a strong return to the World Championship race.

The appointment is on the Losail circuit where neither Peko nor Martineter have ever managed to win in MotoGP, with a first step of the podium that could dispel many thoughts about one or the other in the title race.

Qatar is already decisive, but only for Baganiya

Double premise: The weekend in Qatar can only be decisive for Francesco Bagnaia and the driver, with appropriate cautions, will only be able to celebrate at the end of the GP. In Losail, in fact, a series of combinations will allow Francesco Bagnaia to become MotoGP World Champion for the second consecutive year, provided that Jorge Martin remains behind him at the finish line. But we will still have to wait until Sunday to celebrate, as the results of Saturday’s sprint race will not be enough for Peko to clinch the 2023 title.

A Bagnaia, who currently claims a 14-point lead over Martin, We need to increase our lead over the Spaniard by 23 points To be able to celebrate the title, because of the remaining 37 that will be played in Valencia, it will be impossible for the Ducati Prima Pramac rider to reduce the gap. It is true that we may be equal in terms of points, but Bagnaia’s side has a greater number of successes in the season (6) than Martin’s (4).

But is 23 points possible? Bagnia this year He scored more than 23 points from Martin on only one occasion during the weekend: In Portugal (28), while it faced 25 defeats in France and 23 in India. In short, a weekend that is going to provide many more emotions for the fans of the two-wheeled world, who hope that the final duel will take place at the end of the season in Valencia. Whereas Bagnia does not hope,

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MotoGP Qatar, where you can follow the weekend on TV

As every year, there will be Sky Sports in the MotoGP paddock, with commentary for each day of testing, qualifying, sprint and race handed over to Guido Maeda and Mauro Sancini and insights from the entire engine sector team. In fact, from Friday to Sunday, Channel 208 will be packed with two-wheeler riders who can enjoy the show on the track.

For those who don’t have sky Possibility to watch the weekend in streaming through NOW,

Friday 17th November

  • 11.55am: Free Practice 1 Moto3
  • 12.45pm: Free Practice 1 Moto2
  • 1.40pm: Free Practice 1 MotoGP
  • 4.15pm: Free Practice 2 Moto3
  • 5pm: Free Practice 2 Moto2
  • 5.55pm: Free Practice 2 MotoGP

Saturday 18th November

  • 11.25am: Free Practice 3 Moto3
  • 12.10pm: Free Practice 3 Moto2
  • 12.55pm: Free Practice 3 MotoGP
  • 1.35pm: MotoGP qualifying
  • 3.50pm: Moto 3 qualifying
  • 4.40pm: Moto2 qualifying
  • Ore 17.55: Sprint Race MotoGP

sunday 19 november

  • Ore 13.35: Heat up MotoGP
  • 3pm: Moto 3 Race
  • 4.15 pm: Moto2 race
  • 6 pm: MotoGP race

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