three thousand euros gross For all employees who will become parents in 2024 or adopt a child in 2024. Initiatives to strengthen company welfare and give a solid support for parenting It comes from Sparco, a historic Turin company specializing in the production of technical clothing for motorsport.
And this is not an isolated case: in recent months, many other companies have opted to offer bonuses to new parents, in order to guarantee financial support in the first years of their children’s lives.

Sparco Initiative

The company, based in Volpiano in the province of Turin, achieved a turnover of more than €140 million in 2022, has 1,700 employees, 800 of whom are in Italy.Average age under 40 and 60% women Of those who work in both the sewing sector and management, many are first-line managers in strategic positions such as commercial, legal, motorsport, human resources, etc.

Sparco’s initiative has been renamed “Parental Policy”: it offers a gross bonus of three thousand euros to all employees who have a child or adopt one in 2024, and is one of those initiatives. which aims to strengthen corporate well-being in the years to come. With a five-year goal Improve employee welfare and “create mechanisms that fit well with the local realities in which the company operates”.

“I came up with this idea because We are a very young company The average age of employees is less than 40 and 60% completed” said Niccolo Bellazzini, Sparco brand manager and member of the board of directors. “We have just filed our sustainability report and we intend to implement our ESG rating,” he said. He said he took inspiration from companies like Prysmian, which conducted a similar operation in July. 5.000 euros To its employees who will have a child.

Bonuses, Paid Leave, Scholarships: Other Initiatives

Not just Sparco: there are many companies that have decided to support their employees and associates who become parents with various welfare initiatives. between these PrysmianWhich reached a guaranteed payment of 5,000 euros in 3 installments starting from the birth or adoption of the child and increased the minimum period of leave for mothers from 12 to 16 weeks, which is paid at 100%. barillaWhich announced the introduction of 12 weeks of paid leave for every parent. to sabotage, Which offers one thousand euros at the birth of a child, to which is added another thousand euros per year until the child turns 6, 250 euros per month for nursery costs and 330 euros per month for baby care services. is added up to. And Lidl, Which provides scholarships and job orientation initiatives for children of employees.

How much does it cost to raise a child?

According to the latest data collected by the National Federal Consumer Observatory, the cost of supporting a child in the first 12 months of life amounts to a minimum of 7,065.07 euros. Up to a maximum of 17,030.33 eurosIncreasing by 5 to 8% compared to 2021. Costs that affect birth trends in our country: The birth rate is at an all-time low, less than 7 newborns per 1,000 inhabitants, according to Istat’s demographic indicators related to 2022.

Precisely aimed at inverting data on demographics stimulate birth ratesThe Maloney government introduced ad-hoc measures for families in the family package of the 2024 budget law. These include strengthening the nursery bonus Reduction in social security contributions and optional parental leave for employed mothers that are added to the mandatory ones already provided for by law (here are all the measures for working mothers).

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