European brands are increasing the number of announcements about electric cars priced around 20,000 euros. After Citroën or Volkswagen, it is Renault’s turn to unveil the entry-level electric city car concept. The car, which adopts the characteristics of the Twingo, PortePorte Codename “Legend”. It should be marketed in 2026 alongside the electric Renault 5 which will cost around 25,000 euros.

low consumption

Renault has announced plans to limit consumption to 10 kWh/100 km, butautonomyautonomy The size of the vehicle should not be important as it is a vehicle designed for short daily trips in urban environments. The price of a future Twingo could be lower if, like the Dacia Spring, it were produced in China. But, to avoid losing the bonus, Renault will assemble it in Europe. There will be more equipment in it.

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