Touching the $3 mark for the first time since March 2022 render token ,RNDR) attracted a lot of attention.

One of the famous projects in the field of artificial intelligence render tokenCreated a trend with its rapid growth. The popular coin, which tested three dollars for the first time after a very long time, attracted the attention of both artificial intelligence enthusiasts and crypto investors. With the latest price movement, RNDR, which gained 32.03 percent in the last 24 hours, became the highest-rising cryptocurrency of the day.

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This is bordering on psychological and technical!

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$3, which is an important level for RNDR, seems to have been crossed for now. B T cIf it does not break this trend or there is no food news across the region, RNDR could move towards $3,293 and $3,447. The relationship between artificial intelligence and the crypto industry will also play a big role in this process.

Situations like BTC falling to $35,000, fake news being released, or RNDR falling below $3,088 would deepen the decline. In such a scenario, the levels at which an exit can be expected are 2,792 – 2,507 – 2,422 and the monthly opening price respectively. With a breakdown of the monthly opening price, a move to $2,031 could be seen.

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